A collection of portraits in Carouge

A photographer must offer a personal creation, different from his commissioned images. A relationship to its immediate environment. My work will present a particular alchemy created by the image: A portrait of a village.

This collection aims to make available to the public gaze a set of photographs, sound recordings and notes, both phenomenological and sociological. These recordings, testimonies of our lives, I gather them to present this alchemy. Collected according to my meetings, I enriched them with sound recordings and very short films.

These notes claim nothing more than to convey the gaze of women and men whom I am fortunate to meet. They are the daily life of a creative photographer, who, recorder and camera in hand, roams the city. From this collection of images and portraits will perhaps be created a book, an exhibition, ... in the Audacieuse-Galerie, in Carouge, that goes without saying.

A modest and secret emotion

Quite naturally, it is towards traders as well as long-term residents that my visits are oriented, because as actors and witnesses, they can reveal the authentic life of the place. Then to faithfully complete my approach, I meet all classes, all sexes, all origins, all edges, all styles. Everyone brings their feelings and their look, when in a break from their hectic life, they give me a few moments. In these humble and discreet lives, which often pretend to be banal, I observe and discover wisdoms, intelligences and souls, offered to me.

If during all these meetings, I can collect testimonies with rigor and seriousness, the intransmissible emotion is revealed to be modest and secret. Born between the author photographer and the people we meet, the bonds we can create and our friendship will remain confidential and imagined by the viewer.

By presenting this new collection to you soon, one idea is close to my heart: Share my recognition and give a final thank you to those who by their presence today entrust me with a little bit of themselves.

Stéphan Lamielle, Photographer and Director.

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