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Photo courses for beginners

These lessons for beginners focus on the teaching of digital camera. Leave the automatic mode to explore all the resources of your camera. Study the opening and depth of field, the time and the lights, but also all the useful functions to your next photographs. This 6 hours lesson is provided in french in the pedestrian center of Geneva. The day is split into two 3 hours parts.

Details of the course

Practice and technique

  • Choose your photographic equipment according to its use.
  • Correction of colours, ISO sensitivity, first adjustments.
  • P.A.S.M modes of reflex digital camera.
  • Manual focus setting and different auto focus.
  • Depth of field, diaphragm, focal length.
  • Shot and depth of field : macro-photography demonstration.
  • Play with time, flow of motion, understand lights.
  • Flash, correct exposure, adaptation to the place.
  • Work with low light and difficult conditions.
  • Bracketing, HDR (High Dynamic Range) capture technology.
  • RAW format interest and JPG compression.
  • Digital quality, levels, histograms and curves.
  • Framing, composition of a photograph, setting of sharpness.

 Mastery and achievement

  • Bring the subject forwards, control the level of attention.
  • Complex creations and constructions, understand the visual perception.
  • How to calibrate your computer screen before image editing.
  • Master your digital workflow for better printing.
  • Formats for the printer, for Internet.
  • Preparation of photographs for inkjet printing.
  • Recording and archival storage of photographs.

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Photo courses for beginners

Photo courses for beginners

Group courses for beginners. Perfect to discover your reflex camera, these courses will give you the necessary knowledge to use your photographic equipment in the most effective way.

Your photographer in Carouge Geneva.

Twenty years of experience, hundreds of thousands of images made during reports, shoots and photos of illustration. Stéphan is a professional photographer. He will guide you and make you ask, to obtain excellent photographs full of emotions.

Always attentive to technological innovations, Stéphan works with a sharp and powerful equipment: very high resolution camera; well-known Zeiss® optics; powerful computers and innovative programs; photography studio at the forefront of technology. A guarantee of exceptional quality.

In recent years, his expertise is requested at the International Photography Festival Rencontres d\'Arles.

Stéphan is director of photography for Audacieuse-Galerie. In his job, he will highlight your image. It operates throughout the Switzerland Romandie Region from Carouge (Canton of Geneva).