Photographer: Bert Van Pelt

In the series “Confusion”, he created a universe in which bodies of flesh and marble merge together. The meaning given by the sculptor is twisted towards beauty and desire. Confusion increases thanks to a technique of pigmentary printing. The artist is not searching for the perfect body, it is just the opposite. The wear of the stone and the imperfections of the human body unite both subjects so that they become one.

The artist is currently working on a project called “Frames”. It involves pictures with double framing. Naked bodies pose with geometric shapes which work as first frame. The second frame is the lens of his camera. The poses of the bodies are in perfect harmony with the geometry of the shapes. Sternness and strength are opposed to softness.

The gum bichromate process is an integral part of the artist’s work. He has been putting a lot into this little-known photographic printing process of the 19th century for several years. The result of this process brings materials to life and creates the illusion of a 3-D image that is so much sought-after in contemporary photography.

The photographer reinvents standard photography by expressing himself with a minimalist and aesthetic style. Robert Mapplethorpe’s work is his main inspiration.

Bert Van Pelt was born in Mol, Belgium. He is a photographer living and working in Liège. He has been working on the human naked body for several years

Photographic career

  • Mars 2019 collective exhibition at the art galerie Netzwerk  Treves in Allemagne.

  • december-febrier 2017-18 : exhibition "Confusion" at the galerie de Wégimont of cinéma Churchil in Liège, Belgium.
    décembre 2017 : exposition collective "C'est rigolo mais c'est salaud!" à la galerie Centrale à Liège

  • July 2017: collective exhibition at the Arles Gallery for the Festival Voies Off in Arles, France.

  • April 2017: 3rd price of the photography competition “Nu et Modernité” organized by the Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu and the magazine Réponses Photo

  • October 2016: demonstration of gum-bichromate printing for the festival Les Saisons de la Photographie in Soumagne, Belgium

  • May 2016: lecture about the project “Confusion” for the Journées Européennes des Ecoles de Photographie in Paris

  • September 2015: collective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography Ken Damy in Brescia, Italy.

  • September-October-November 2015: exhibition “Naked Box” at Philippe & Partners in Liège, Belgium

  • February 2015: participation in the Journées Européennes des Ecoles de Photographie in Paris

  • September-October 2014: collective exhibition “Errances” at the Duesberg complex in Verviers, Belgium.

  • May-June 2014: collective exhibition “Des hommes et des terrils” at the Maison des Terrils of St Nicolas, Liège, Belgium.

  • March-June 2014: collective exhibition “BIP OFF” at TALP in Liège, Belgium.

  • April 2014: exhibition for the Teaching of photographic art competition in Namur, Belgium.

  • January 2014: exhibition “Waking Up” at the multimedia library of Verviers, Belgium.

  • October 2012: collective exhibition “Des terrils et des hommes”, opened by “Priorité à l’ouverture” at the Galerie Ouverture in Liège, Belgium.

  • June 2012: artistic event “Troc’ Art”, MAMAC Liège, Belgium.

  • June 2012: collective exhibition “Nuits du paradoxe”, Liège, Belgium.

  • 2012-2016: followed photography courses at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Liège, Belgium.

  • June 2010: photo screening for the “Ciné Quartier” event in Sclessin, Liège, Belgium.

  • January 2010: collective exhibition “Sclessin au quotidien” organized by the cultural centre “Ourthe et Meuse” in Sclessin, Liège, Belgium.

  • 2008-2015: “Parcours d’artistes” during the Festival des Arts in Cointe, Liège, Belgium

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