Exhibition of art photography. Verjus Danièle

From June 18 to July 15, 2019, Audacieuse-Galerie receives the exhibition of the Artist Photographer Danièle Verjus, Artist Photographer. (Beyond her dates, Danièle Verjus's photographs will always be available in our gallery or online.) Here is his interview, which will invite you to discover his images, on the occasion of his exhibition opening, where we invite you gladly.

Daniele Verjus Photographe

Can you tell us what the Luna Park series is?

We must imagine the atmosphere and context of the place where this series was made. We are in Slovenia in the summer, in a small fishing village on the Adriatic Sea. The place is quite austere and fishing is the main economic activity. There, we are very far from the disproportion of some seaside resorts. The only opportunities for relaxation are swimming, a nap on pebble beaches and at the end of the day: the small funtair of Luna Park. This funtair is the main subject of this series of color photographs. Rides set on a vacant lot, surrounded by decrepit buildings and an old factory chimney. There are two pictures taken during the day when there is no one, but most of the pictures were taken at night when the Luna Park funfair receives its audience.

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How did you come to create this series of photographs?

I was immediately intrigued by this funtair, because at first sight when I saw it by day, it seemed abandoned. Some rides were disassembled, others in bad condition, only three rides seemed functional. The place where the rides were set up also aroused my curiosity, this wasteland, with these decrepit buildings and this old factory chimney in the background. I immediately told myself that I had to take photographs during the day, but also at night to try to show the fragile balance between the sad and austere side of the place and the presence of this funtair full of colors and lights. There was a kind of in-between that I found interesting to exploit and a desire to seize these moments before it disappears.

How do you work on your images? A photographer's secret to entrust us?

For my part, I pay attention to the framing, the composition of my pictures, and a certain aestheticism. This is what helps to transcribe an emotion and contributes to the narration. The moment when photography is taken is very important as well as the light. I think that in photography, you have to be patient and attentive to details while following your instinct, which allows you to know when it's time to start.

Curator's word:

Danièle Verjus's photographic experience contains ambivalent images that display an intermediary between asceticism and strong colors. On the background of the decline of the Eastern countries, we feel a strong heat all colors, such a renewal. In the shadow of deteriorating buildings, we find the joy of living of men. This rare magic in photography, has caught my attention.

Stéphan Lamielle

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