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Confusion, Lying Abel

Fragment of a sculpture by Emile Feugère des Forts showing dead Abel, Musée d'Orsay, Paris.
Bichromate gum prints are realized by the artist himself. He has been putting a lot into this little-known and demanding photographic printing process for several years in order to
master the technique.
Lying on bed, you seem resting, tired of frolicing. Or are your gone, far away, searching for rapture and never going back again?

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Data sheet

Numbered works, limited5 originals
Photographic TechniquesBlack and white HD printing / Bichromate gum
White border around the photography5cm
PapersPaper of engraving 340g Hahnemühle® / Baryte paper
Photographic ThemesHuman / Nudes / Portrait

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