Drapeds, pleateds, laces, embroideries, fine leathers.

We offer you unique creations that require a strong know-how.

Here, some of our specialities.


The shaping of a draped fabric is made with very thin and lightweight materials (silk muslin, fine veil…). The making of draped fabric requires much finesse and delicacy. It will look stunning and very refined on evening dresses, classy corsages and dress details.


Made with ancient proven methods and heat-fixed, your fabrics will take a nice pleated and regular texture, « soleil » or fantasy. Pleated fabrics are often used for skirts, dresses or parts of corsages, collars, false sleeves or other parts of a garment.


Very thin or more rigid (Chantilly lace, Calais lace, lace guipures…), we propose you refined lace creations, a well-kept work in the finishing touches and textile sizing for the shape and for a perfect look.


Embroidery is an unmatched value for a delicate, refined or blazing effect on your outfit. A wide range of pearls, sequins, rhinestones, feathers, ribbons and embroidery stitches enable unforgettable creations.


We choose very fine hides with a regular texture and offer you a wide range of colours. Our hides suit to the making of corsages, dresses, trousers, jackets and mid-season coats.