Women clothing and fashion accessories. Carouge Geneva Switzerland.

Collections of textile Creators

You go find particular collections in our shop. They are selected with big care. All the present craftsmen have a specific know-how in their profession, we are happy and proud to make you discover them. We wish that know how to make craft creators and stylists can breathe of a new run-up, beyond the current confrontations in the impersonal mass production. It is our challenge there, that know how to make it appreciated and recognized, in a human scale.

Accessories of creative craftsmen

You go to be delighted and amazed, by drawn pieces, thought and realized with the biggest care. Craftsmen pushed by their love of the job, pass on the essence of a knowledge which they immortalize in their realizations. Their solid experience allows them a big flexibility of creation and reflection. The production is made in a human size, more limited, what makes of every piece an almost unique model.

Fine materials

Each product is shaped preferably in a natural material, often for its properties, peculiarities, which make it a beautiful and noble material. We favor products realized in natural materials, which challenge the time, are alive and pleasant in to carry or in the touch. The silk, the wool, the cashmere, the linen, the cotton, the leather, the metals and the precious stones are a part of the creative universe of numerous creators, who like working them with pleasure. The realized work enters their hand is there more beautiful.

Quality of the finishes

Audacieuse-gallery takes a big care of verifying all its products, according to a pushed quality charter. Forts of our experience and an exercised eye, we watch that every product is carefully shaped. In noble materials and realized with big sharpness up to the last detail. The realization will be there more beautiful, more soft to the touch, more supple, more alive and precious.