Of Fashion and Images

Since the emergence of haute couture, designers have always collaborated with photographers and directors. During fashion shows and film productions, these professions have always magnified the greatest stars and models. Audacieuse-Galerie brings together the professions of fashion and image: stylism, tailor-made sewing, photography and realization of short films.

Of Fashion...

Our intentions magnify beauty and elegance. Our style combines simplicity and a touch of audacity, with a contemporary and refined line. Our sewing creations are made in Switzerland at our tailor-made workshop at Carouge GE. Our handcrafted production is of impeccable quality, a characteristic of Haute Couture and craftsmanship.

...and Images

Rediscover yourself through the image. To magnify your image, we embellish the lighting in studio or in-situ. Our images bear your style, closest to your expectations. Fixed or animated, worked with beautiful lighting and lenses of incomparable quality, our images carry a know-how of 20 years of experience. We create short films and photographs that make sense. From preparation to production and image improvement, we master the entire production to achieve the most consistent creation. A pledge of high quality.