Upcycling at the heart of our sewing courses

Upcycling, an eco-responsible fashion need.

Upcycling is a style in line with today's fashion needs and the eco-responsibility that drives us: Without being a second-hand product, upcycling valorises discarded materials and superb quality fabrics left behind by the fast-fashion industry. It is also a way to give new life to clothes and fabrics forgotten in the depths of everyone's drawers.

Local, sustainable and daring manufacturing.

Practical, functional and easy to live with, our tailor-made and haute couture clothes are made locally, in our workshop in Carouge Geneva. Much more durable and resistant, they are of high quality. And when it comes to fit and style, they will remain unmatched and daring. We will help you discover fabrics that perfectly match your wishes.

We are here to help you find your "upcycling style".

Are you looking for a new garment or a unique fabric? Dare to change and dare to upcycle. Our alterations and tailoring workshop is there to guide you, to reinvent your clothes into a precious seam.

What about DIY upcycling support?

Do you want to create by yourself, but accompanied? With Nathalie, seamstress and designer, take advantage of a sewing class in Carouge Geneva to rediscover the sewing machine and bring your sewing projects to life.