Press Release:
about Photography

Professionalism, art and technology : the creators of Audacieuse-Galerie have developpeed a new concept and adopted a unique approach with the client, by proposing a photo studio, an art photograpy gallery and photo or video courses for all levels. Audacieuse-Galerie crosses the disciplines of image, by taking advantage of Internet with its cybercommerce website, and its online artistic resources.

At the service of our client’s image, the photo studio offers several services for individuals and professionals. Primed several times for his work and with 20 years experience, a professional photographer fulfills any photographic and artistic desire. He works with high-tech and high-quality equipment only. For professionals or photography lovers, Audacieuse-Galerie offers photo and video courses for beginners, experts and professionals. Staging, editing pictures for better prints, understanding of the visual perception, settings and working in low light...As well as artistic courses to go beyond the technique and gain freedom of artistic creation.

As for the Art Photography Gallery, artworks are rigorously selected and are inspired by esthetics and innovative views from around the world. The Gallery takes part to different international Salons and Festivals, and accompanies artists by promoting them, including through online artistic media.

Ordering is quick and easy with the online reservations system on the cybercommerce website