Carefully developed by creators craftsmen worried about the beauty of the shape of the hat, but also about its comfort in to wear. More of one will accompany you faithfully in your outings to the country, in town or by the sea. How many times did we just catch up him, before the wind takes him away? He protects us from the sun, from the dust, from the rain, but especially it’s a very trendy fashion accessory! They appeared through time: the faluche, the top of shape, the derby hat, the mantilla, Panama, the borsalino hat, the boater, the bolivar, the Stockman, the western, the Stetson, the derby hat, the Jazz, the wide-brimmed hat, the cap, the hat, the beret, and many others. We can only make him hats off, in front of the profusion of headgears whom the history gave to us to discover, the hat is a faithful friend.