Secure connection

On, your connection and all the data you exchange with us are protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) ; This safety protocol of data exchange on Internet enables :

  • The authentification of the server by your browser
  • The guarantee of the confidentiality of the data and informations of connection exchanged
  • The encrypted transfer of all the user data and password.

audacieuse-galerie secure

Payment by bank transfer

Make your credit transfer on the account of Audacieuse-Galerie. If you choose this payment method, your order will be processed only after the receipt of your credit transfer and subject to the availability of the product the day of the receipt. Therefore we strongly advise you to carry out the credit transfer as quickly as possible.

Payment by Credit, Gift Voucher, Fidelity Voucher.

If you have a Credit, a Gift Voucher or a Fidelity Voucher : you can use it to pay the whole or part of your order. Simply enter the number in the zone provided for this purpose at the time of the Payment. If necessary, complete with the additional payment of your choice.

Secure payment by credit card

Payment by credit card is a secure, fast and simple way to buy online. All major credit cards are accepted : Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue, American Express...  The communication of your personal informations and banking data is totally secure. Card technologies secure your transaction through SSL encryption during the communication of you payment data. This encryption ensures you a high level of safety for your transactions. You banking information are processed by Post Finance only. Audacieuse-Galerie can in no way access to your banking details.