Creator's accessories

In our cheerful Collection, find accessories, which change the look of your dress in an instant. A sophisticated hat, a delicate scarf, a glamorous bag or a satiny dress handkerchief?

You go to shine in the center stage, with a trendy, smart and surprising look.


  • Bags, dress handkerchiefs and wallets

    Pieces realized by Craftsmen Creators, liking working and drawing of beautiful materials and New lines. The dimensions and the design of our products are specifically studied according to their uses. We define carefully their styles, while keeping the creative originality of every Label.

    The bag is a fashion accessory which underlines your holding and its character. Its style and its material define all the personality of your look. Our Creators of bags like working motives, materials and precious textures. Your product will be personal, faithful and always loan in your dressing room.

    We propose you Tote bag or shopper for your shopping. The elegant dress handkerchief or the small handbag of your releases and evenings. Without forgetting the shopping bag, the shoulder bag, the banana bag, the backpack, the bag bucket, the school bag, the overnight bag, the sports bag and many others. Without forgetting the travelling companion, the wallet to be associated with your day bag.

    Have fun with the models which go of multiple manners. Give them another style every time.

  • Sunglasses

    An essential one piece to protect you all summer long! Take everywhere with you your sunglasses to protect yourselves from beams in a effective way. And you will be quite at the same time attractive on the beach or in town, on hide your beautiful look behind an attractive coloured glasses.

  • Fashion jewels

    A sparkling collection of jewels, created in hand made. Bracelets, earrings, ornamental hair combs, you will find funny pieces to mix with your dresses.

  • Scarfs and shawls

    Everywhere he will be of the most attractive effect to raise your look. Silk square, shawl of cashmere, silk shawl, cotton scarf, linen gashes, woolen shawl, chèche, headband, bandana … they are all our favourite. And the attractive silk square which we adore, we applies to carry him in the most attractive way. Did you try to carry him like Grace Kelly, like Jackie Kennedy or like Audrey Hepburn, have fun, there are lot ideas. According to the size of the attractive silk square, you can knot him in choker of multiple manners. There are also different formats to knot him on the waist, knot him around your handle of handbag, on your swimsuit, or as a colored belt.

  • Hats

    Carefully developed by creators craftsmen worried about the beauty of the shape of the hat, but also about its comfort in to wear. More of one will accompany you faithfully in your outings to the country, in town or by the sea. How many times did we just catch up him, before the wind takes him away? He protects us from the sun, from the dust, from the rain, but especially it’s a very trendy fashion accessory! They appeared through time: the faluche, the top of shape, the derby hat, the mantilla, Panama, the borsalino hat, the boater, the bolivar, the Stockman, the western, the Stetson, the derby hat, the Jazz, the wide-brimmed hat, the cap, the hat, the beret, and many others. We can only make him hats off, in front of the profusion of headgears whom the history gave to us to discover, the hat is a faithful friend.

  • Belt

  • Accessories of hairstyle

    In our collections of accessories, find attractive pieces to embellish your hairstyle of a feminine or playful touch. Skillful creators shaped for you of the hand made pieces, consisted of attractive knots, pins, ribbons, petals, lace flowers, feathers, sequins.

  • Mask to protect

    Our masks have been selected for high protection, comfort and breathability.

    KN95 mask with high protection.

    A mask with strong protection. This KN95 GB2626-2006 standard mask (a similar FFP2 standard) will protect you more than a more basic, home-made, sports or pollution mask. This mask is also CE marked.

    Washable mask in highly breathable polyester.

    A minimal protection for a much more breathable mask, more ergonomic, more design too. It is a mask more adapted to physical exercises, it allows more air to pass through and is to be worn as minimum protection. It is not for medical use. Its touch is more comfortable in contact with the skin.

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