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Women's clothing, accessories and jewellery collections

Discover the universe of the label Audacieuse-Galerie and other talented designers. We want to put all our creativity and talent into audacious projects, which allow us to share our know-how and the delicacy of craft gesture.

You will be delighted to wear a creation, made as a unique piece or in small series. We want to take up the challenge of respecting human know-how, our natural environment, and by bringing together here collections with a human dimension, specific to each creator, according to the richness of his creative potential.

Small light dresses, silky blouses, seductive trousers, twirling skirts, audacious accessories and original jewellery will dress you in a chic, glamorous and trendy style, according to your personal tastes.


  • Spring-Summer Collection

    Here is the cheerful and refreshing new collection to let in you to the spring-summer saison in ledge fluttering cheerfully in an attractive skirt and a small adjusted top or a funny and colored swimmsuit !

    Crunch life and let warming by the sun of this next spring-summer!

  • Autumn-Winter Collection

    Autumn-winter collection

    The Autumn and Winter Collection rich in colors !

    Let catch yourselves by the cheerful and warm colors. You go to appreciate the soft and nice pullovers, the affectionate blouses, the elegant and trendy pants, the famous little black dress, the cocooning coat, well cut and the smart accessories.

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