Women wear

An attractive choice of womenswear, drawn and created carefully, in colors easy to match, and natural pleasant materials, as silk and cotton. Find in our range of young and sparkling piece.


  • Tops and blouses

    Discover your favorite cotton blouse, stocked with an attractive mandarin collar. Or prefer a fine buttoned leg, sometimes furnished with an attractive wrinkled detail or with a multitude of small steering wheels. For a more autumnal dress, find an attractive blouse, with attractive cuts. Light and comfortable, it will be a part, easy to tune with an attractive patered trousers or a classic skirt. The silk blouse will be all the formal releases, to make you comfortable. It will bring you the grace: with his attractive blouse collar, arched by fine pliers, he will underline your size. Our blouses are sometimes furnished in the back of a yoke supporting a charming inverted pleat to follow you in all your daily movements. Some of our parts bring more whim in your dressing room: the small sexy top, the audacious bodysuit, the quite soft wrap-over top, the bolero lace or the sensual longline bra discover our corsets to the revisited lines. Our corsets will give you a very refined silhouette.

  • Pullover

    Light, soft, how to choose it? The pullover which will accompany you to warm your shoulders during the beautiful summer evenings, or to cover you warmly this winter. A very thick jumper pullover, stocked with attractive twists, directly borrowed from fishermen of the Atlanticsea Coasts of the big North. Or a finer pullover, in fine merino naps or of cashmere wool stocked with an attractive V-neckline, crew-neck sweater or round? Or would you prefer a small good vest of warming stitches, which will grant with a fine cotton blouse to defy the first morning freshnesses. Often the materials selected in their preparation will give to the pullover all its qualities, woolen of Shetland sheep wool or merino, mohair woolen of goat, angora wool of rabbit, or invaluable cashmere of pashmina goat. Every fiber possesses qualities which postpone, hot and isolating more or less from humidity and cold. Cotton and the silk will be booked in lighter pullovers to accompany us more often under a soft climate.

  • Pants and Jeans

    The emblem of the women emancipation is also the practical asset of the active woman. You will like the comfortable or sexy pants, the long pants, the straight pants, the elegant slender pants or the practical capri pants. Without forgetting the jeans mythical or declined in lighter textiles materials, all have a respectable place in our dressing room.

  • Skirts

    They dance, and spin or test the wind, the attractive skirts. The classic Straight skirt in the attractive lines, that more worked with of attractive cut or light, the skirt tutu in veil of tulle, borrowed from the most graceful dancers in ballerinas.

  • Dresses

    In our collection, of small short dresses, easy to wear throughout the day, short and long, sparkling and audacious dresses, cuttings perfected to sublimate your silhouette and shine in your elegant evenings.

    A dress to take out to the air our legs for summer, to go out in the summery evening for a nice cocktail party, or then to dress for a big sunny ceremony, find original parts, pleasant to wear, which will give you all the charm of a spread femininity.

    Short, middle long, extra-long, they will always charm us too and make us dance !

  • Jackets and coats

    You will find in our collection, to decorate your dresses or an attractive jacket, an audacious blazer or a courteous coat which will know how to perfect your look of a touch of incomparable style.

  • Swimsuits

    A swimsuit to celebrate the return of the sun. Put on the nicest swimsuit, your favorite bikini, to become brown on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! And even next door, at the lake, on the terrace, or at the pool. Enjoy our magnificent swimsuits and drop all hearts around you. ;0)

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