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Perspective represents its heritage through its classic yet bold designs, developing a new global audience that continues to grow stronger using a modern aesthetic.

A chic, yet casual collection, this is what the designers of Perspective offer. Each piece they create is designed to last. Perspective is a family owned and operated company based in Dublin, Ireland.
The aim of the brand's designers is to empower leading women by offering them styles that fit the dynamic lifestyle, allowing them to be an inspiration to our modern world.

Perspective's uniqueness is forged by their handcrafted model and innovative approach, blending the trendy with the avant-garde, Perspective specialises in reinventing classic silhouettes for an urban lifestyle.

Founded by two brothers from Istanbul in 1973, Perspective was created with the desire to provide a diverse and impeccable wardrobe for the modern woman. True to the core values of a family business, all production is carried out ethically, in Turkey, with the help of the best workshops and an exceptional team of dedicated designers.

Since 2021, Perspective has reached a wide audience, with over 450 points of sale and 15 own brand shops, Perspective is sold in over 19 countries, from Italy to Russia, from the Middle East to South Africa.  With 45 years of international experience, the UK & Ireland headquarters is now based in Dublin, Ireland and continues to evolve the brand.

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