A story of meetings and sharing

A story of meetings and sharing that has been going on since 2016...

Fashion and images, different designers, and a story of encounters and sharing that has been going on since 2016... A story with an ambition, designers with one thing in common: young creation and exceptional quality. This unique concept? It's Audacieuse-Galerie of course.

So much has happened since then.

Two years ago, we opened a new shop in Carouge, at 50 rue Ancienne. So many things have happened since then: A refurbishment of the premises and a new decoration; And then, many creations: A dozen haute couture orders in the first month of opening; 600, 900 and then 1200 art photographs to discover online or in the shop; The opening of the photography studio and photo shoots. Short films and photographic and filmic advertising creations. Wow.

And here we go again this summer.

The meeting of Fashion and Image takes on a whole new dimension this summer. A new lease of life to get out. A break and a holiday? Cheers! This summer will be full of surprises: new designer friends, new collections, beautiful fashion accessories, and as soon as the new school year starts, an adventure to discover with a short film on couture and new made-to-measure dresses. That's all there is to it.

This summer, enjoy!

Take a breath, enjoy yourself, sip a cocktail under the sun, that's what we wish you. And for those who will stay in Geneva, enjoy our events and discovery days, and a love of creative freshness in our sewing workshop and photo studio. And for those who love the photographic arts, enjoy our portfolio readings at any time, online or at the gallery at 50 rue Ancienne in Carouge GE. You will love our discoveries, we promise you.