Happy New Year 2022. We wish you all the best.

A beautiful year 2022, with happy surprises. With the concerns and uncertainties of the past two years, let's try their opposites in order to smile again:

Good health.

Let's stay positive, as we taught you as a child, history repeats itself: All epidemics or pandemics come to an end one day. Medicine is progressing and the end of the long tunnel is coming. We hope it will be in 2022. Until then, we wish you the best of luck and the best of health.

A beautiful fraternity.

Wars, famine, suffering, forced exile, selfishness in all its forms, are ugly enough as it is, let's not add to it the stupidity of walls, populism, extreme right-wing. These are not values. Staying open also means welcoming, helping to integrate, sharing our cultures.

And for our professions...


Creative and well thought-out, sustainable and relocated, moderate and sensitive, let's take advantage of this new reality and the necessary change, to find solid clothes that will last for years, and that can be repaired at will. Gone are the days of disposable fast-fashion, long live the sustainable crafts of our regions.

Photography, video.

Let us hope that the image professions are supported in their quality of information, testimony, truth, and necessary vigilance. Gone are the sensational mass contents, long live the quality of information and the beauty of the image. For the moving and sensitive image must endure, just like the beauty that surrounds us.

We wish you a wonderful year.