Photographic techniques

In analog as in digital, the photographic technique refers to three fields: The material, the shooting, and the processing of the photographs. The material (photo camera, film or memory) brings its touch to the image, well before the treatment. The shooting concerns the eye and the intention of each photographer. Processing the photographs adds the final touch to the image. This selection, mastered in its entirety, is offered by the selection of Audacieuse-Galerie.


  • Color

    Since the Lumière brothers' potato starch-based colour photography process, known as "autochrome", colour photography has come a long way. While some photographers believe that "coloured complication" disturbs visual simplification and takes away from the artist's wishes in favour of black and white, others believe that it is easier to read and perceive naturally, and thus to impregnate the work. Today, colour photography is an integral part of the image and its application has become widespread in most photographic uses.

  • Black and white

  • Argentic

  • Old processes

  • Experimental methods