Artists and photographers, submit your portfolios.

Promotion of the photographers

Would you like to hang your works on our picture rails or exhibit in our website ? Submit your artist file in pdf format. We will not miss to see your images either on your website or on your cloud. You can be sure that we will pay a careful attention to it. Be patient, our gallery is very active in the contemporary art scene, therefore we receive a lot of requests.

We support and ensure promotion and of the future photographers to make their ambitions come true. The Gallery owns an exceptional studio for the creation of innovative and artistic pictures. Audacieuse-Galerie is growing day by day into an essential stopping-point for anyone that is passionate about prestige and artworks of remarkable quality.

Tailor-made printing

Our clients value photographs produced in multiple dimensions. To guarantee the freshness of a picture, we wait for firm order to print your photographs. Only a few pictures are printed for the purpose of an exhibition. These pictures are your property. Aware of your expectations, we have an open ear to fulfil your project and reproduce the very essence of your conception. The printing or the impression can be made with you in our workshop.

Exhibit in the Audacieuse-Galerie

We can expose you one or more times in our walls, room partner, in art salon, or in a private room. Our picture rails are comfortable with images of about 1m. Two possibilities are open to you, or you already possess impressions, or you entrust the print job. In the last case, the printed photographs belong to you and impressions costs are your responsibility.

Business principle

We start on a commercial principle Win / Win 50/50. This implies gains and costs divided equally. On our side, we take care of renting the walls, editing and printing of invitations mails and posters, as well as the development of website pages, costs of personnel and cocktail at the opening , costs of advertisement in the press dedicated luxury and advertising in specialized webzine in contemporary art. We expect that you take in charge of your career as a photographer, from shooting to printing.

A professional portfolio, an ideal biography

Make sure that your portfolio is adapted to a reading of professional portfolio : composed of series of photographs or individual photographs with a coherent syle, your creation conforms with your personal and original vision. Accompany your pictures with your biography, indicating your experience, but also your upcoming projects. Add a few lines presenting your pictures as well as your intentions as an artist. Avoid empty, impersonal texts or a vocabulary that is too sophisticated or not understandable. Your readership will be grateful.

A contact, a cloud, an interview

Through our contact form, please transmit us the link to these documents, stored in your cloud. Indicate your contact details and we will have plenty of time to discuss your approach of photography during a phone conversation. For the appointment, the ideal would be that you show prints which represent your project or your book.

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