Photographer: Manon Boyer

I am mainly interested in the body, the representation of oneself and the artificiality which sometimes accompanies it. I am interested in the strange world of appearance and I tend to question the body’s place
in this relationship between an individual and his image. How is it seen and how is it represented ? What transformation choices do we make and why ? To what extent do these appearances that we take on, or are imposed on us, come to shape our lives ?
My photographs play with different levels of representation, and I use colour and motifs as tools to show a clearer picture of these complex identities.

Having received a diploma in 2014, specialising in photography, at the Superior School of Art and Design in Marseille, I then worked with Jasper White in London and led the «Eiffel Tower project, before entering the National Superior School of photography in Arles, in 2015, where I obtained a Masters in « research and creation» with special mention from the Jury.

Following several collective exhibitions, my work was included in 2016 by «Voies Off» at the Rencontres de la Photographie («Photographic Meetings»).

In 2017 I won the prize for «1st photo edition» organised by Tribew and Fisheye with my series «Traversée» («Crossing»). I was selected by Leica to cover the first week of Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles,
and to exhibit my work daily in the «Leica Room» during the show. I was also involved with the «coups de cœur» («favourites») of the ANI at the «Visa for image» festival in Perpignan (2017 and 2018). I then
travelled to America with a video maker visiting some States, as part of a new personal project, which was in turn the subject of a Carte Blanche by Leica.

In 2018 I have also done several collective exhibitions as well as the new Carte Blanche with Leica. Also I
won a competition with Accorhotel, which allows me to repr

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