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  • Human

    By Human, our selection goes to photographs of men, women and children. Humanist photography? Not only For humanist photographers, the subject's environment is as important as the subject itself; the latter is often photographed in his private life or in public.

  • Portraits

    Portrait photography

    Artistic portrait photography goes far beyond that of a simple likeness or physical representation of a model. It can be a representation of a personality, or an expression that a photographer wishes to give. In terms of poses and expressions, photographic expectations vary from photographer to photographer. Either the poses sought involve the escape of a collaboration with a model, or the photograph is the result of serendipity and the instant capture of an expression. Other elements complete the treatment of the portrait: the play of light, make-up and hair, staging, imaginations, perceptions, narrations, conceptions...

  • Graphic


    Sometimes close to abstract art, photo-graphism is about pure images, or on the contrary strongly contrasted, with geometrical patterns, worked with papers offering strong contrasts, or by computer software. Assemblies, retouching, recompositions, 3D or any form of photo-fixing brings more imagination to the viewer. Generally, photography is at the very source of works heckled by a graphic trace. The photographic aspect takes precedence over the graphics in the final work. This association offers a new look.

  • Naked

    Nude photography has been practiced since the beginning of photography. From the first daguerreotypes, photographers produced academic or erotic nudes. Like all artistic genres involving nudity, it is associated with an idea of eroticism. Idealized representation of Man, sometimes reprobated, academic nude photography very often emerges from genre scenes inspired by Greek antiquity. This photographic style is now completely assumed and no longer seeks the approval of society. The male nude in photography finds more and more its place in the photographic collections of women's bodies.

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