Photographer: Maximilien MINSK

Minsk explores opposing female forces – purity and impurity, life-giving and emasculating, angelic and demonic – in an effort to find a precarious of balance. Like the rays of light passing through a lens, the resulting focal point is powerful but unstable, ready to collapse, disappear or be revived at the slightest attempt at interpretation.

Gorgons, Lilith, celestial and underworldly goddesses… his symbolic language is nourished by the study of esotericism, world religions and mythologies as well as scientific findings.

Kaleidoscopic images break down into myriad patterns, cells, pixels and networks. The emerging figures are adorned in motifs which reveal their divine and mysterious essence, sometimes hiding or else holding the key to the deeper meaning of the image as a whole.

Minsk first approached artistic creation through drawing. His earliest images, raw phantasmagoric expressions, were done in pencil on cardstock.

Today, he uses a variety of techniques, materials and media in line with his ever-developing research and according to whatever means best express his current leanings: painting, sculpture, sewing, photography, digital imagery, video, live performance…


Maximilien MINSK has a background in science, with a degree in cellular biochemistry and an early professional experience in the world of industry.

After a life-changing experience, he came to understand artistic creation not only as a means of personal expression, but also as a way to pursue theoretical and formal research.


Minsk’s work has been featured in many cities in France (Paris, Lyon, Annecy, Chambéry, Grenoble, Perpignan, Collioure…), as well as in New York (Golden Gallery), Shanghai (Pole Art Fair), Geneva, Brussels, and Vicenza. He has participated in numerous events such as the Fête du Lac in Annecy, in partnership with the pyrotechnical performance group SSF, and an Haute Couture project with the designer Eric MOUNG.

He is currently based in Annecy and works on site as part of the artistic collective Art By Friends.

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