Photographer: Ysel Fournet

The CALLIPHORA series of photographs is a sentimental introspection in the face of time that eludes us. Creation, childhood, procreation, allow us to better understand the difficulty of accepting the inexorable destiny that awaits us.

By placing existential questions in a Darwinian, Cartesian, mathematical, biological and secular framework, one can rely on the enlightenment rather than the mysticism to explain death. Personal outlet and quest for a universal feeling meet in these disturbing but sincere photographic superimpressions.

We will be the feast of the Fly Calliphora but what a better dream than to join the food chain, the cycle of life that offers us the scientific revelation!

Ysel, born in 1977 in a hippie community in the south of France, studies photography at the Gobelins school in Paris. He is currently working in Louisfert, his adopted land of Brittany. Photographer of reportage then plastic photographer, he also practices painting, sculpture and theater. His universe: surreal, overwhelming, disturbing, perhaps even disturbing, which is sure it does not leave indifferent.

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