Photographer: Georgii Vinogradov

Mikhail Krasinets former pilote of the AZLK mechanic factory race team. Since the late 80s began to gather in his backyard a collection of cars. The neighbors have vandalized cars and in 1996, Mikhail sells an apartment in Moscow and moves with his wife Marina to the village Chernousovo. Where he founds a museum of old Soviet cars. In spite of its distance from the big cities, despite the bad roads here there are plenty of visitors, here they have the right to touch, to seat, and in summer, even to sleep in the cars if they do not have took the tent. However, some tourists allow themselves to tear or break certain details, to rip the seats. As a result, they help to destroy what slowly dies itself.

It should be pointed out that Mikhail has not sold a single car for profit and has increased its collection until today. All the cars bought and acquired were not in good condition, some of them were beaten, saved what they could from the non-ferrous metal waste. Nevertheless, the collection is in a sad state, and it is because Mikhail does not know what a museum is and how to organize it, and alcohol aggravates the situation.

After several conversations with him, I came to the conclusion that at first he had an idea of ​​assembling vehicles by year of release, according to the "catalog" of the author-creator, but in the end everything is transformed into a manic hoarding. It appears in the collection the objects of Soviet heritage, miniatures, bicycles, TV, magazines. Which are stored in both houses, and sometimes to the trunks of cars exposed. And here we must pay tribute to Marina - Mikhail's wife, she tries to keep this collection of things. She protects him from the fire, weeds the cars, collects the garbage left by the visitors. She does not let it collapse completely.

Metaphorically speaking, Mikhail and Marina - are “shards of the Soviet Union”. Mikhail plays the role of the sovereign, who leads the state to a better future. He is the true leader of all sons and repeats the same things from year to year. All this reminds us of the unfulfilled promises. The Soviet Union has collapsed without reaching a better future, and Mikhail's idea collapses and is corroded in an open field. Love for the Soviet automobile industry in general carries the character of endless nostalgia for the past. A melancholy of loss, sentimental memories, the predictability of the future causes a deep sense of belonging to the "empire".

Mikhail knows the history of every Soviet car, he recalls the days of a bygone era, but the present is confused to him, either because he looks too much at television or because he can not live in this very present. He, like his collection, is cut off from his time. The collection, which has been in the village for over twenty years. Opponents says - a cemetery, friends - a museum, and more and more visitors are going to Chernousovo.

Serie: Yaroslava Nikolayeva

Yaroslava Nikolayeva practices bodyfitness, a sport that is rarely associated with femininity. Nevertheless, the beauty of her body, created by hard work, resembles the plastic of an ancient sculpture, with its symmetry and harmony. The main parameters of the spiritual culture of antiquity were esteem and self-confidence, the understanding of freedom as the highest moral category. The ancient ideal combines the beauty of a perfect body, great intelligence and inner moral perfection.
This sketch is an admiration of a beautiful figure of a woman, endowed with a healthy body and a strong mind.


After visual studies, Georgii Vinogradov decided to focus on documentary photography. He graduated from the University Lyon Lumiere in 2015. After graduation he focused on the post-soviet society. He depicted the life of the villages, photographed the hard living, ruin dreams and the absurd censorship of women’s bodies in russian society today. Now he explores the notion of the “shards of the Soviet Union”. The first chapter of this work is about the museum of soviet cars in the field.

Gratitude and exhibition

Georgii’s work has been recognized ParisMatch, HIPA, Young Photography Russia Photo Awards. His photographs are published in national and international publications (ParisMatch, The Rolling Stones, The Where, The Overtime, and more). His work has been exhibited in festivals such as 4th Photography Biennale of Russian Museum in St Petersburg, and Photofaculty 50 exhibition in Center of Karl Bulla, St Petersburg.

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