Photographer: Thierry Vezon

Thierry Vezon started his career as a nature photographer in 2004.  He is attracted by the far North, arctic areas and icy and snowy landscapes. However, his favourite places are located in his region : Provence, the Camargue and the Cevennes. He loves immersing himself in nature and tries in his photos to emphasize the emotional effects that fauna and landscape can have on him. He is also a specialist of aerial photos. Working regularly with environmentally sensitive associations , he hopes he can raise people’s awareness of the protection of nature. He tries to make pictures in an artistic and aesthetic way wishing to provide emotion for people.

He is regularly published in many french and international magazines including Terre Sauvage , Nat’images , Géo, BBC Wildlife Magazine..….

From 2008 to 2021, Thierry has released and illustrated 10 books dealing with biodiversity and the art of Nature .

His photos are exhibited in many nature photo festivals ( like Montier-en-Der international Festival).

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