An exquisite gift card for a photo shoot or photo course

Give the gift of a timeless memory with our magnificent gift card. Preserve life's precious moments with a professional photo session in an album or framed. Our talented photographer will bring out your natural beauty and create images that will stay with you forever. Give the unforgettable experience of quality photography with our exquisite gift card. A gift that celebrates love, family and special moments. Enjoy now and create memories that will last a lifetime.

These gift cards are beautifully printed in gold, elegant and modern, and protected by an envelope like a jewellery box. You can write a little note on the card and personalise it as you wish. Our golden icon and Audacieuse-Galerie brand reveal their beauty. When you open the box-like envelope, the card is revealed and our pretty gold and silver organza ribbons make the card stand out.

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