High resolution 4k for screens and video projectors:

For a television or video projector of quality, for the projection in your reception, your showroom, the salons. The 4K is an image format about 4 times larger than the HD High Definition format. This is the format proposed in today's high-end televisions and video projectors. It will become the usual format shortly. In addition to a more durable format, it allows retouching framing without loss of quality in HD formats.

A more beautiful image still with 4K HDR HLG

The HLG is a flow of display offering a bigger illuminated area and more colors in the high lights. Television sets and already equipped video-projectors 4K HDR HLG can restore all the area of the flow. We obtain more bright nuances. On a screen which is not equipped yet, the high lights will not be improved, the image will be usual: that of an ordinary screen. Screens 4K HLG HDR is already proposed in the general public. They will be undoubtedly the formats of tomorrow.

4h hdr hlg