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Photo and aerial video by drone

Aerial photography by drone

The shooting by drone, brings another look at the company, the building site, the real estate promotion. You would be surprised to discover the appeal of aerial images to the public. In addition to collecting the images, we also offer the printing of prints for your showroom, reception or reception room ...

Videos and movies by drone

Aerial video supports movies, short films and commercials more and more frequently. These new film plans bring a real plus: The wide aerial angle allows the viewer to locate quickly. Tracking everything nearby

Drone and sports film

With a good proximity, the drone will be able to follow an athlete in his environment with an incomparable dynamic. Swimmer, Climber, Kayaker, Cyclist, Rider ... wherever the outdoors

Drone, work inspection and construction site

Where a man would put himself in danger, or a crane would be expensive and tedious to install, the drone will approach any work for inspection. Bridge, pylon, building, roof ... are nearby. The high definition 4K camera of our drones opens up new dimensions. Additionally a thermal camera will be able to measure heating on electrical equipment or to discover the energetic losses on a building.

A pilot? A cameraman?

Most drone shooting can be done by a pilot who will collect the images. For more complex shots (very dynamic shots, rear shots, reversed in relation to the direction of flight, very precise framing, cinema ...), the presence of a cameraman is necessary to support the pilot.

Weather and legislative constraints

The drone is subject to weather constraints. To get better pictures, weather forecasts often decide a few days in advance of our agenda. (Rainfall, snow, or too strong a wind, make the flight of drones impossible.) In Geneva, the proximity of the airport and the strong urbanization, does not allow the flight of drone without preliminary authorizations. Some time is needed to obtain them.

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Our price includes:

  • 1 movement Canton of Geneva;
  • 1 hourly performance, scenario writing, realisation, editing, colorization, and / or film diffusion.
  • 1 delivery on USB key / hard disk.
  • Ask to be reminded above. We will contact you soon. Thank you.

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film quality4K-HDR-HLG, Compatible networks


2019-09-26 16:12:26
Belles vidéos de drones de notre hôtel

Belles vidéo de drones de notre hôtel, tout à proximité du lac, qui viennent compléter nos films publicitaires et nos visites virtuelles de chambres et réception.

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Photo and aerial video by drone

Photo and aerial video by drone

The shooting by drone, brings another look at the company, the building site, the real estate promotion. You would be surprised to discover the appeal of aerial images to the public.


Your photographer in Carouge Geneva.

Twenty years of experience, hundreds of thousands of images made during reports, shoots and photos of illustration. Stéphan is a professional photographer. He will guide you and make you ask, to obtain excellent photographs full of emotions.

Always attentive to technological innovations, Stéphan works with a sharp and powerful equipment: very high resolution camera; well-known Zeiss® optics; powerful computers and innovative programs; photography studio at the forefront of technology. A guarantee of exceptional quality.

In recent years, his expertise is requested at the International Photography Festival Rencontres d\'Arles.

Stéphan is director of photography for Audacieuse-Galerie. In his job, he will highlight your image. It operates throughout the Switzerland Romandie Region from Carouge (Canton of Geneva).