Event photography

We cover and report your event with photographs and videos.

  • Outdoor, all techniques are used to obtein the most impressive pictures of sport and leisure activities : Aerial images, onboard cameras, big telephoto lens… We are here for you from the production to the final editing throughout Western Switzerland.
  • Indoor, during your conferences, shows/exhibitions or seminaries, we make ourselves small and unnoticed. We can conduct a filmed interview of photograph the present staff.

We also offer a photographic entertainment which can be used as a communication medium on social networks.


  • Exhibitions, seminaries, conferences

    Photography for exhibitions, seminaries, conferences.

    We remain discreet during your shows or exhibitions, your seminaries or conferences. We make ourselves unnoticed to catch the event as fully as possible. As soon as the light is sufficient, we work without flash from the back of the room not to disturb the spectators. On these occasions, we can conduct filmed interviews or photograph the present staff. We intervene throughout all of Westswitzerland.

  • Sport, action, leisure

    At the peaks of the mountains, on the water, in the stadiums, we follow the sportsmen in their playgrounds.

  • Concerts, parties and entertainment

    Photographer concerts, parties and entertainment

    We photograph any spectacle. We are equiped with very sensible cameras and very bright lens. These capture very dim lights in theatre and concerts halls. In a short while, we capture the movement of a dancer, the crowd-diving of the rocker, the expression of a comedian. We obtain amazing shots that convey the very sensibility of the concert, the evening or the party. We intervene throughout all of Romandie.

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