High quality prints

certified printer

High quality and colorful ink-jet printing

Our printers and printing plotters are regularly controlled. Colours rendering is checked by spectrometers and colorimeters and the alignment of the print heads is regularly corrected. We choose guaranteed UV-resistant inks and use branded papers that resist longer to time oxidation. All of our graphic chain is calibrated, from the computer screen to the printer. We use high-performance and professional equipment, in order to offer you the best pictures.

High quality prints

When silver photography deserves the best. Our laboratory commits to providing the best prints. Old process, baryta and silver prints of good manufacturing have no equal.

certified enlarger

Different papers, textures and uses

We get the pictures of different kind of papers. From the smoothest to the most textured, from the glossiest to the mattest, from the whitest to the most natural.

  • Museum prints for the collections : guaranteed by the manufacturers until 200 years, with natural colours without optical brighteners. Without acid, humidity-resistent, these papers have a neutral PH and they don’t attack inks. They withstand time better.
  • Baryta papers with deep blacks for prints. With a baryta or baryum sulfate coating, these papers have a very caracterstic glow that reinforces the intensity of contrasts and define the finest nuances better. The blacks and whites are excellent in the extraordinary texture of this paper. For instance : Hahnemühle(R) FineArt Baryta.
  • Papers with a satin surface : bright colours and detailled pictures, but also very deep darks. Thanks to its composition with 100 % cellulose fiber, without acid nor optical brighteners, FineARt Satin complies with the ISO 9706 norms that ensure the maximum durability for prints.
  • Thick, matte and textured papers with traditionnal grain. On these papers, blacks are less depp but the picture is more authentic and has a unique touch, like art paper or a hand-made watercolor painting. Discover the William Turner Hahnemühle(R) paper or the Museum Etching fringed edges, with fringed edges like papers pressed at the mill or even the japanese paper Bizan de Awagami(R).
  • Bamboo papers will give a spiritual and natural dimension to the picture. These papers limit the resources used for its manufacturing. They are more ecological and more economical. They also withstand time very well.
  • Bright white papers, perfect to enhance contrasts an colors. A very smooth and 100 % cotton finish offer a homogeneous surface to papers. We advise them for temporary exhibitions. Lighty acid (neutralised by calcium carbonate) and whitened by optical brighteners, their conservation period doesn’t exceed 20 years.