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Conferences, colloquiums and seminaries

A professional photographer...

...for your conferences

For your conferences, congress, meetings and colloquiums, we remain discreet and professional to capture the event better. Our purpose is to best recreate the atmosphere of the place, the emotions of the audience and its participant. In each of our picture, we capture and emphasize the portraits of the speakers, the group pictures and the important moments of the colloquium ; Each detail plays an important part in your visual communication, that’s why our photographs perfectly represent your conference.

...for your seminars

For your corporate seminars or Team Building, we create photographs and photo reports of the place, its atmosphere and the present staff. We follow you from beginning to the end and create portraits. If your seminar involves leisure activities or challenges, we also photograph groups, by day or night. The greatest moments of the seminar are enhanced by professional photographs.


Book the time slot of your choice. Our trips are free in the Canton of Geneva. Beyond the Canton, we ask for an complementary compensation of 2CHF per km. We provide our services throughout Western Switzerland and the Greater Geneva.

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For any questions or for a more specific quote, ask to be reminded above. We will contact you very quickly. Thank you.

Our price includes:

  • 1 movement Canton of Geneva;
  • 1 photography session;
  • 1 improvement on computer;
  • 1 delivery on USB key.


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Conferences, colloquiums and seminaries

Conferences, colloquiums and seminaries

For your conferences, you colloquiums and seminaries, we emphasize the portraits of th speakers and the important moments with professional photographs. We are available in all Western Switzerland.