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At Dany & Flint's, Field, BC, Canada, 2015.

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Numbered works, limited:21 originals
Photographic TechniquesColor / Argentic
Photographic ThemesAmerica / Animals / Interiors

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At Dany & Flint's, Field, BC, Canada, 2015.


Téo Becher

Téo Becher lives and works between Brussels and Nancy, his hometown. He graduated in photography from “Le 75“ in Brussels in 2014 and since has been exploring documentary photography, notably through the landscapes and the place of human in it. His approach leads him to places where nature has a strong presence, in order to question the relationship of the individuals with their habitat.

In the series Tuk Time, Téo found a deep interest in the lanscapes as an inhabited place : not even a century ago, the Inuvialuits were nomads, they did not live in a fixed place but they waded through it, depending on the herds of caribous they hunted. The Occidentals later forced them to settle down, in order to claim their sovereignty on the canadian territory. This paradigm shift raises numerous questions, and more especially as it is accompanied by a will of acculturation from the occidental authorities, and as it results today of a complex mix of inuvialuit traditions and fast-paced consumerist society.

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