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Photobook for Babies or Kids

A photobook for your baby or child

For your child, nothing beats a beautiful photobook with coloured and quality papers, to keep a memory of the first moments of his/her life.


This book with thick pages has a flat opening, thanks to its perfect binding. You can choose the dimensions, vertical, square or horizontal, from 20 to 30cm. Your photographs are printed on 20 to 40 pages on different types of paper, at your choice : Tintoretto paper (small dimension) glossy or metallic photographic paper, with glossy or satin lamination. The cover, the box, the Touch paper and the satin ribbon are available in 29 colours.


To customize your book, it is also possible to add a coloured with relief varnish overprint on the book cover and the box.


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Photobook for Babies or Kids

Photobook for Babies or Kids

For your child, nothing beats a beautiful photobook to keep the memories of the first moments of his/her life. His photobook contains from 20 to 40 pages, quality papers in different colours. It is accompanied by a box, decorated with a satin ribbon.



Your photographer in Carouge Geneva.

Twenty years of experience, hundreds of thousands of images made during reports, shoots and photos of illustration. Stéphan is a professional photographer. He will guide you and make you ask, to obtain excellent photographs full of emotions.

Always attentive to technological innovations, Stéphan works with a sharp and powerful equipment: very high resolution camera; well-known Zeiss® optics; powerful computers and innovative programs; photography studio at the forefront of technology. A guarantee of exceptional quality.

In recent years, his expertise is requested at the International Photography Festival Rencontres d\'Arles.

Stéphan is director of photography for Audacieuse-Galerie. In his job, he will highlight your image. It operates throughout the Switzerland Romandie Region from Carouge (Canton of Geneva).