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Fashion Clothes and Accessories

To promote your clothes, your fashion accessories, we explore your wishes and the styles you are looking for. In our studios, your stylist, art director or communications manager can accompany us for an even better result. We work in accordance with your style and what you want to communicate. While respecting your brand identity, we add the needed touch of orginality and creativity.

If need be, in addition to this service, we can organize makeup, hair styling, and the search for models.

Our pictures are delivered with colour and light corrections. As a complement to this service, we can offer photo editing and photomontages.

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For any questions or for a more specific quote, ask to be reminded above. We will contact you very quickly. Thank you.

Our price includes:

  • 1  photo session at Carouge GE;
  • 1  improvement on computer;
  • 1  delivery on USB key / Cloud.
  •  For all supplements, ask to be reminded above. We will contact you soon. Thank you.


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Fashion Clothes and Accessories

Fashion Clothes and Accessories

For your advertisement, fashion magazines, brochures, we photograph your clothes, your fashion accessories and we respect your brand identity.