World Art Day - April 15, 2021- The celebration at the Audacieuse-Galerie in Carouge Geneva

World Art Day every 15 April
A celebration at the Audacieuse-Galerie in Carouge Geneva.

World Art Day promotes the development and dissemination of art. Art nurtures creativity, innovation and cultural diversity and plays an important role in sharing knowledge. Art encourages curiosity and dialogue. So it is of paramount importance in these difficult times to support art. Support that promotes and protects artists, artistic freedom, culture and exchange for a free and intelligent world.

Strengthening the links between artistic creation and society

In order to strengthen the links between artistic creations and society, we support a greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions and the benefits of cultural differences and innovative creation.

Learning and sharing

There is much to learn and share on World Art Day and we invite you to participate in the discovery of our art exhibitions in Carouge Geneva.