Photographer of clothing, textiles, on model or mannequin

There are several photographic options available:

Clothes laid flat on a background

For small items, socks, gloves... and anything else that needs to be presented in a very formal way, without any further enhancement. For large items, unless you want a deliberately basic/low-cost look, we don't recommend this shot.

Clothes on a vertical background

A vertical background optimises the natural fall of the garment. The garment is hung on a hanger with discreet hanging equipment. The hanger and hanging material are removed during computer retouching. It is possible to leave the hanger on, but it must be very aesthetic (wood and visible markings). The result offers more volume than a basic lay flat.

Clothes on a ghost mannequin

The ghost mannequin is very special: it's not a mannequin for shop windows. The ghost mannequin is divided into several elements so that it is as inconspicuous as possible in photographs. Once the photo has been taken, what remains of the ghost mannequin is removed by computer. Several photographs are taken to optimise the result. The photographs are then assembled on the computer to create a garment with a unique 3D effect, as if it were worn by a ghost. Your customer can imagine the product even better. The lining is visible, and this is by far the most popular effect in trendy fashion and for beautiful collections presented in fine e-tailers.

Clothes worn by a living model

The advantage of the model is that it offers a beautiful presentation of the garment with a mannequin that matches your target customer. Worn by an attractive model, your garment will be all the more beautiful. Preferably choose a model of the same age and type as your target customer. Take great care when choosing models to represent your brand. Rebellious or androgynous faces, children's or marked faces, strong or slender proportions, everything needs to be thought through with the help of the model agency. Make-up and hairstyling costs are also added. Overall, the cost is higher than with a ghost model, but for a more vibrant result.

Detoured clothes... or not

The background can be neatly cut out on the computer so that the buyer's attention is focused solely on the garment. With perfectly plain backgrounds and neatly cropped garments, the result is web pages with products that are more consistent and more aesthetically pleasing. Our clipping is very discreet and gives the garments a great deal of beauty. Marketplaces will often ask you for photographs on white backgrounds, neatly cropped to a square format. You can also ask us for transparent backgrounds that can be adapted to the colour of your choice.

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