Photographs and a website for a painting restorer

Geneva, Switzerland's iconic city, is home to many artists and art lovers. At the heart of this vibrant cultural scene is Laurent Jornod, a passionate painting restorer whose meticulous work has earned the respect and admiration of local art lovers. Laurent Jornod has devoted much of his life to the preservation and restoration of precious works of art. He developed an early passion for art and decided to dedicate his career to the preservation of artistic heritage.

Our mission: to create a website and photographs

To raise awareness of the importance of conserving works of art and share his expertise, all through images and text on his new website. His dedication to his craft and deep respect for art have made him a key figure in the world of art restoration in Geneva. His workshop continues to be a beacon for local art lovers, seeking to bring treasures from the past back to life. Our mission was to bring this profession to life through images on a new website:

Photographs reflecting his devotion to art

Laurent Jornod attention to detail and dedication to each piece of art is palpable, reflecting his deep understanding of the cultural and historical significance of each work of art. Bringing Laurent Jornod  technical skills and his passion for art to life in our photographs was quite a task: to capture this precision and perfect restoration in the best possible way. The photographs had to perfectly reflect his devotion to his craft and demonstrate its different aspects: Diagnostic examination; Restoration; Documentation; Ethics.

A website showcasing his craft and methods

Laurent Jornod is not content simply to repair damaged canvases; he also seeks to understand the history of each piece. His work methodology involves in-depth research into the artist, the period and the style of the work, to ensure an authentic restoration that respects the original. His mastery of traditional restoration techniques, combined with the judicious use of modern technologies, enables him to deal with a variety of problems, such as deterioration of the support, tears, discoloration and damage caused by time. Its customers can now discover these different aspects through its new website. We've created an evolving, easy-to-edit site that doesn't forget what's most important: making it easier for customers to contact us and access our restoration workshops. We invite you to discover this new site and at the same time take advantage of our photography and website creation services.

Laurent Jornod, Art restorer in Geneva and Monnaz