The resume photo. More than just your personality, part of your employability.

To put your profile in front of someone else, nothing is better than a good CV photo.

As you know, a CV should be your accurate, detailed and structured representation. You must stand out from other candidates ...and a photo will give you a certain advantage. But why?

Can we imagine only an advertising leaflet without a picture, a classified ad without a photo? You can find this obvious fact in the CV. With identical skills, the profile chosen will be the one that contains a CV photo: Your CV photograph increases your employability:

The opinion of the expert photographer:

For Stéphan, Director of Photography and Portraitist at the Studio Audacieuse-Galerie, a quality photograph in a CV is an evidence. The portrait photographer explains to us how he increases the employability of his clients with an excellent CV photograph:

A professional CV photograph, why is it indispensable?

A CV photograph is much more than just your image: All the feelings and energy that you want to communicate must be there. Together, we will transmit to your CV photo your best personality: Your seriousness, your relational, your sympathy, your dynamism... These distinctions are complementary: We will not find these aspects of your identity in the descriptions of your experience or training.

Moreover, a good photo humanises the texts of your CV: It is no longer a question of choosing a skill, it is a question of choosing a person, a profile in its entirety. And for a recruiter, this is very important today.

Finally, you will show in your CV, a face with a professional look and a garment in relation to your activity. With a good CV photo, a recruiter will have a professional image of you. Without a photo, the recruiter will be tempted to go and look for your photograph on the Internet. And he might come across a homonym or your personal photos on social networks.

Now you know why a CV photo is essential, but it still has to be perfect:

A professional photo and nothing else

What credibility will be given to a bid with a poor image? Pixelated, overly contrasted, badly exposed, badly lit, badly framed, or worse: A selfie taken either at arm's length or in a mirror, in the evening or on holiday, with a colourful background, badly coiffed, unattractive, not very smiling, crumpled shirt, with a twisted posture.

You will have understood it, it is of course the opposite that we will have to privilege: A perfect photo: Well posed, and guarantor of the codes and techniques of a professional photography studio.

We highlight your assets, not your faults.

There will always be a recruiter to find you a defect in advance. But we will improve your image: We will try to counter certain prejudices with a well thought-out CV photograph.

Are you a Senior Executive? We will pay particular attention to adding dynamism to your image, a managerial posture, a highlighting of your charisma. You have a decision-making spirit and this must be noticed.

Are you a young person without experience? It is all your maturity, professionalism and seriousness that we will put forward. You have the desire to learn and progress in the company, this must prevail.

Or are you looking for a good portrait photographer? We will always improve your CV photography, in order to highlight your employability and your profile.

The art of making you desirable is our job.

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