Photographs product for Halloween

Chocolates and sweets that are soooo tasty.

On Halloween, a photographer always has fun: children, little monsters and goblins run around the streets, and are all opportunities for original photographs. But what else? Dress-up parties, Halloween costumes, this devilish weekend is full of fantasy, audacious and daring. And at the Audacieuse-Galerie, we love it. This 2021 Halloween party will be all about chocolates and tasteless confectionery.


Chocolatey food photography for little and big.

Of all the culinary photographs, these will be the most fun. Stettler & Castrischer chocolates will fill our photo studio for a few days. And there will be plenty of scares with the Wouuu Wouuu owl and the terrifyingly succulent red-eyed mummy. The hardest thing will be to resist the urge to devour them. I won't tell you more, the pictures speak for themselves.

photographie object pour e-commerce halloween

Discover the creation of a culinary Halloween photograph in this short film:

I want food photography and illustrations.

I want to have my demonic Halloween party photographed

Voiceover from the film

Autumn brings with it the smell of Halloween, parties with Van Helsing, the Addams Family, and impish cherubs. Our client, the chocolate makers and confectioners Stettler & Castrischer, asked us to take photographs of the season and of Halloween, so as not to sacrifice anything to this custom. And so pumpkins, chocolates, and confectionery joined our photography studio. Also, we will explain the construction of these very appetizing culinary images.

In photography illustration, we work on creating a background, slightly behind the main subject. The props are arranged in a circle around our subject, so that we can photograph from different angles.

Two light sources are used. A warm light in the foreground and a cooler light in the background. From a perceptual point of view, objects lit by cold colours give the impression of moving away into the background. In contrast, objects with warm colours appear to be moving towards the front of the image. Cold lights give the scene an eerie atmosphere, while warm colours give our chocolate a reassuring, friendly and sympathetic appearance.

A solid tripod and a small dolly rail will provide many angles of view. Some accessories fill the image and create a composition, others interact directly with the subject. Thus the pumpkin looks towards the chocolate.

From a perceptual point of view, your eye will catch the sharp, brightly lit subject much more easily, coming out of the image with warm lighting. Then in the second reading, your eye will scan the background of the image from left to right, in order to understand the scene. Your reading will end on the pumpkin. You will follow the pumpkin's gaze which will lead you back to the chocolate. As you can see, this illustration photograph is composed in such a way as to highlight our main subject: chocolate. These other images follow the same perceptive path.