Photography on a studio background

A page of photos of products next to each other

Let's discover a page of products placed next to each other. The products have been cropped on the computer, the studio backgrounds removed and replaced by very light grey backgrounds. In this way, all the backgrounds are exactly the same.

A necessary clipping on the products.

When shooting, an almost perfect background makes cropping easier. The replacement for a completely homogeneous background is indispensable in product photography series intended for e-commerce websites. Clipping allows the product to be displayed perfectly without worrying about the background. After all, it is the product that you want to sell. With perfectly identical backgrounds, the site becomes more aesthetic, the customer no longer perceives the photo studio and only the product counts.

Three photographs per product side for e-commerce sites.

For each product side, we prepare three images for our clients:

  1. A first image with a transparent background, perfectly cropped, with slight transparencies at the edges of the image, in order to respect the depth of field on the subject: A transparent and progressive edge, which will avoid the sensation of a cropping worked with an axe. The result is a more natural image. This image can be used for your prints, magazines, flyers, photomontages... on all sophisticated graphic charters, or for sites that have background colours calculated at compression or CSS style sheets with coloured backgrounds.
  2. A second image is delivered, with a 100% white background, for generalist sites, wholesale sites, shopping malls and other marketplaces and search engines that require a 100% white background.
  3. One image with a very light grey background, close to white, for your site and for more advanced websites with background colours.

Three images per side of the product, to cover all situations, for print and internet.

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To go further in product photography:

With different objects, the perception of the studio background changes.

In a series of photographs, with different objects, the photo studio background will appear slightly lighter or darker, depending on the objects. Our perception of the background colour is disturbed by the object in the foreground. Even if the object in the foreground is similarly illuminated. Our perception is disturbed. What solutions do we have to compensate for this little problem?

Two pictures of very different objects on an identical background.

Let's take two objects, the first one will be black and the second one will be white. T-shirts for example. The black t-shirt is very matt and absorbs all the light. The white T-shirt, on the other hand, is new, whiter than white, and still full of optical brighteners. To obtain light reflections and volumes on the black t-shirt, the studio flash will be slightly pushed, while it will be reduced in power for the white t-shirt, so that it is not too bright.

For both objects, the background will be lit in a similar way. The background will be as stable as possible, even if it means playing with fine lighting compensations. In short, a perfectly identical background. And yet...

Product photography, contrast and persistence of vision

Our eye will focus more on the objects than on the background. Our eye will adapt to find details in both the black and the white shirt. The pupil adapts slightly, our brain perception will also compensate, and the background will seem different when we look at the two images in a slide show. The background will appear lighter on the black T-shirt, and conversely darker on the white T-shirt. This is obvious: the context of the slideshow poses a problem of retinal persistence, to which is added a contrast in opposition.

A light grey background to reduce blinding and persistence of vision on the product photos

This very light grey has three advantages. It will be less glaring, and it will allow white products to stand out from the background. That's right. It will also appeal to search engines, whose motto is to offer products on white backgrounds for obvious reasons. Indeed, if everyone added their own touch of coloured backgrounds, the whole thing would look like a Christmas tree. Last but not least, this background and this slight shade of grey is less blinding, soothes the eye and reduces the persistence of vision when switching from a black to a white product. It's very little, but it's enough not to impair perception and not to tire the eye of your customers who are very close to their smartphone.

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