A box for a book of photographs... like no other.

Once upon a time, there was a book of photographs...

Once upon a time there was a book of photographs. A book like no other. Born from a series of photographs taken during a very "Karate" photo shoot, the book has taken on an important dimension in Japanese style. A few kanji (Japanese ideograms), a kotowaza (Japanese proverb in a few ideograms) but also fifty pages of photographs of karate kata. Thus, a photo box respecting an Asian aesthetic was required.

An authentic, handmade box made of bamboo.

In a first impression of the photographs, we chose an extremely durable paper made of bamboo fibres from the renowned manufacturer Hahnemühle®. It was obvious that only one type of wood would be used for the box: bamboo. Authentic and handmade, our photography box would come from a distant workshop and would be of first-rate workmanship. Surprisingly, it was even more precious than we had expected.

Une boîte originale pour un livre de photographies

Un coffret pour photographies

A final touch, the kotowaza of karate Do.

Our Maison Audacieuse-Galerie is not only a photography studio, but also has a tailor-made sewing workshop. The kotowaza, in karatekas, are found on the belt. The idea was born: our box would be in the image of the karateka, decorated with a black belt, embroidered with Karate Do.

A vectorisation and an embroidery.

A little less authentic, it is the computer and the embroiderer who will finish this last step. We are in the 21ᵉ century and the tools of the seamstress are most modern. A first software will vectorize the ideograms and a second will draw the embroiderer's line. The finishing touches will be done by hand. A result against all odds, to the great pleasure of our client and friend.

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